How would I describe myself? Thoughtful, outgoing, a little insecure but I’m working on that.

If there is one space I try to keep alive and kicking no matter its old school charm, it’s here, so thank you for visiting.
From the Homepage, you may have already got an idea about who I am and what I do. I don’t feel certified enough to occupy the title ‘Writer’ and some may disagree with my oversized yet classic style but the world of words and creativity is where I buzz around and come alive most. If I’m not trying to string a sentence together, you can find me endlessly scrolling high street apps accompanied by something beginning with W and rhyming with shine.
An empath based in London, feeling the societal pressures of moving to the countryside and having a mortgage by now. I distract myself with my head in a book or the fridge preferring to think short term rather than long. This is my space for speaking freely, sharing with you my honest thoughts and words. Seizing the head noise and quietly placing them in Times New Roman, size 12 format. I am better vocalising experiences of my own whether that be Grief or Mental Health. However, try not to place me in a box as if there is a work commute or Supermarket trip interesting enough to get the creative juices flowing, you may just find yourself reading all about it.
So do take a moment to read some of my pieces and sign up to my mailing list whilst you’re at it. I’m not yet famous enough to spam you, I promise.